• Top 10 outstanding medal companies
    Top 10 outstanding medal companies Dec 30, 2023
    MEDALS are special mementos of honor and achievement, they carry memories of victories, struggles and highlights. In this independent blog, we will introduce you to 10 outstanding medal companies and explore the glorious world of medal making. Whether it is a sporting event, an academic competition or a corporate event, these companies have distinguished themselves in the medal industry with their innovative design, high quality production and excellent service. 1. Unique Pin   ( Source: Unique Pin ) Location:Building A, 1st Floor, No. 7 Xingyu Road, Jidong second TaiFeng Industrial Zone, Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City(Addition of 1 business location,Building 2, 2nd and 3rd Floors, No. 65 Yongning Industrial Avenue, Xiaolan Town ,Zhongshan City)   Product List: MEDALS,Trophies Military medal Carnival Medal Sports medal Commemorative medal   Why is it number one? Zhongshan Unique Metal Gift CO.,LIMITED is one of the leading manufacturing company dealing with high quality standard gifts and souvenirs. Products like custom medals,lapelpins,badges,keychains,etc.We have been in the markets for over 20 years,we have our own factory of over 3000 sqm and close to 300 workers.We are capable of producing about 60,000-140,000 pcs of products per week.   ADVANCED EQUIPMENT The company has R&D, design, mold, die-casting, stamping, polishing, printing, baking paint, enamel, electroplating, product inspection, packaging and other departments.   Specializing in manufacturing badges, medals, challenge coins, key chains, mobile phone brackets, bottle openers, refrigerator stickers, tourist souvenirs and small metal crafts, etc., with environmental protection certificate and Disney certification Certificate, Lego certification, ISO certification, NBCU certification, social responsibility certification, etc. Long term products and services for Disney, Lego, Coca Cola, marvel and other well-known companies.   100% SATISFACTION Good service to customers, free of charge to provide drawings, proofing and so on. The samples can be produced in three days, and the bulk goods can be finished in one week. The team is professional, so it is fast. And guarantee the quality and delivery time, and stick to the promise, and strive to be perfect and make customer satisfaction 100%.   2. Crown Awards ( Source: Crown Awards ) Crown Awards is a long-established medal company that offers MEDALS of all types, including MEDALS for sporting events, academic competitions and corporate events. They are known for their high quality production and wide selection.   3. Medalcraft Mint ( Source: Medalcraft Mint ) Medalcraft Mint is a company with an outstanding reputation in the field of medal making. They are known for their superb casting process and innovative design, customizing unique medal pieces for their customers.   4.Trophy Depot ( Source: Trophy Depot ) Trophy Depot is a company that offers a variety of MEDALS and trophies. They have a wide selection of products and offer customized services to meet the needs of their customers.   5.JDS Industries ( Source: JDS Industries ) JDS Industries is an integrated medal company offering MEDALS, trophies, souvenirs and other products. They are praised for their diverse selection and high quality production.   6. Awards4U ( Source: Awards4U) Awards4U is a company with a strong reputation in the medal industry. They focus on personalization and provide their clients with unique and beautiful MEDALS and trophies.   7. Classic Medallics ( Source: Classic Medallics) Classic Medallics is a long established medal making company that specialises in the production of high quality MEDALS and trophies, as well as special bespoke souvenirs.   8. K2 Awards & Apparel ( Source: K2 Awards & Apparel) K2 Awards & Apparel is an awards and apparel company that offers a variety of MEDALS, trophies and custom clothing to meet the different needs of their customers.   9.PDU Cat ( Source: PDU Cat) PDU Cat is a medal company specializing in the field of public affairs. They offer various types of MEDALS, including those for police, firefighters and military fields.   10. Quick Trophy ( Source:Quick Trophy) QuickTrophy is a medal company known for fast delivery and efficient service. They offer a wide selection of MEDALS and trophies that are made and delivered in the shortest possible time.   These excellent medal companies have a wealth of experience and excellent quality in the production and delivery of MEDALS. Whether you are organizing a sporting event, academic competition or corporate event, they can provide you with customized medal creations that highlight the value of honor and achievement.
  • Warm wishes, Christmas cards will be shipped with you! Dec 21, 2023
    In this special Christmas season, our company will give our valued customers a special gift - a well-designed Christmas card! We deeply appreciate and care from the bottom of our heart, and hope to convey our blessing and gratitude to each customer through this card. 1.The season of blessing, the message of the heart Christmas is a time for warmth and good wishes, and we would like to send our best wishes to you through this card. Greeting cards are beautifully designed and contain festive elements and good wishes, so that you can feel our sincerity to you. We hope this card will bring you joy and happiness and make you feel our care on this special holiday. 2.Gratitude, customer first You are our company's most valuable asset, without your support and trust, we would not be able to achieve today. By sending this card, we would like to express our gratitude to you for your continued support and cooperation. We will continue to strive to provide quality products and services to create more value and opportunities for you. The meaning and value of Christmas cards 3.As a traditional holiday gift, Christmas cards have special meaning and value. It is not only a way to express blessings and thanks, but also a bond that shortens the distance between people. We choose to send you our season's greetings with Christmas cards in the hope of deepening our bond and friendship. 4.Our commitment and service We will continue to adhere to the principle of customer first, and constantly improve product quality and service level to meet your needs. If you have any questions or needs, our team is always available to support and assist you. We look forward to building a long-term relationship with you to create more success and brilliance together. 5.Christmas wishes Finally, we send sincere Christmas wishes to you and your family. May you fill this special season with joy, warmth and love. May your life be filled with happiness and peace. In the coming year, your career is thriving and your family is happy.
  • How To Customize The Medal?(Create a unique symbol of honor)
    How To Customize The Medal?(Create a unique symbol of honor) Dec 15, 2023
    In this blog, we'll take you through the process of customizing a medal, every step from preliminary design to final delivery. We are committed to creating a unique symbol of honor for you to make your event or event more exciting and memorable. Stage 1: requirements communication and preliminary design Communicate needs with customers to understand their activities, themes and expectations. Gather necessary information such as medal count, shape, size, and material preferences. The designer will provide preliminary design concepts and sketches according to the client's requirements and creativity. Stage 2: design validation and refinement Discuss preliminary design with customers, gather feedback and suggestions. Based on customer feedback, design modifications and refinements are made to ensure that the final design meets customer expectations and requirements. Provide renderings or 3D models so customers can better visualize the final product. Stage 3: material selection and production preparation According to customer requirements and design, select the appropriate medal materials, such as metal, plastic, acrylic, etc. Prepare the molds required for production to ensure that the shape and details of the medal can be accurately reproduced. Determine production schedules and delivery dates so that custom MEDALS can be made on time. Stage 4: Production and processing Using advanced manufacturing processes and equipment, the design is transformed into an actual medal product. Including material cutting, engraving, bronzing, grinding and polishing process steps. Quality is strictly controlled to ensure that each medal meets the design and production standards. Stage 5: Quality inspection and packaging Quality checks are carried out on each custom medal to ensure perfection of appearance, detail and workmanship. Clean and polish the medal to give it a dazzling glow. Use beautiful packaging materials to protect MEDALS and increase their gift value. Stage 6: Delivery and after-sales service Custom MEDALS are delivered to the customer according to the agreed delivery date. Provide quality after-sales service to answer customers' questions and needs.   Build long-term relationships with customers to provide customized medal services for their future events. Case presentation: In our blog, we also show you some successful custom medal cases. These cases cover a variety of different events and competitions, demonstrating our design capabilities and production quality. Contact us:   We welcome you to contact us at any time to discuss your custom medal needs. You can contact us via email, phone or online contact form. Our team will be happy to provide you with professional custom medal solutions.
  • Introduction to sports medal customization factory
    Introduction to sports medal customization factory Dec 06, 2023
    Sports medals are important symbols in sports events, representing the hard work and outstanding achievements of athletes. In order to meet the needs of different events, many sports medal customization factories have emerged. This article will introduce a professional sports medal customization factory, detail its products and services, and its advantages in the field of sports medal customization. Company Profile: Zhongshan Unique Medal Customization Factory is an experienced professional manufacturer dedicated to providing high-quality customized medals for various sports events and sports organizations. The company has advanced production equipment and technical team to ensure product quality and accuracy. Product Range: Provide various types of sports medal customization, including gold medals, silver medals, bronze medals and other special customized designs. Customers can choose different materials, shapes, sizes and patterns according to their needs. Whether it is a large international competition or a small campus event, the factory can meet customers' customized needs. Design and production process: The factory has a professional design team who are able to transform customers' ideas and requirements into unique and exquisite medal designs. Designers will work closely with clients to ensure the final medal design is consistent with the client's brand image and event theme. Once the design is confirmed, the factory will apply advanced manufacturing techniques and use high-quality materials for production, ensuring that each medal has a high degree of quality and fine craftsmanship.   Personalized service: The factory focuses on providing customers with personalized customized services. Whether it's engraving winners' names, event dates, or adding special logos and memorabilia, the factory can accommodate customers' special needs. In addition, the factory also provides packaging and transportation services to ensure that medals are safely delivered to customers. Quality Control and Commitment: The factory has strict control standards for product quality. Strict quality inspections are conducted at every stage of production to ensure that each medal meets customer expectations. The factory promises to provide high-quality products and professional customer service to meet customer needs. As a customization factory dedicated to creating unique medals, we adhere to the tenets of unique innovation and quality first, and provide customers with perfect sports medal customization solutions through a variety of choices and personalized customization services. We look forward to cooperating with more customers to create brilliance together and add unique glory to each event.
  • The original fuck spinning enamel pin badge
    The original fuck spinning enamel pin badge Aug 31, 2023
    Add this fun FUCK pin to your collection! For those days when you’re not sure about anything other than the fact that something is FUCKED, let your spinning pin decide if it’s ME, YOU, IT, THAT, OFF or THIS. This fun enamel pin was designed to be the exact same dimensions as a quarter (2.5x2.5cm) so it can be discreetly placed on personal items such as jackets, scrubs, snap-back hats, backpacks, totes, messenger bags and much more! This enamel pin is made with soft enamel and bears the e back.  This unique enamel pin comes with a silver locking back to keep your pin secure. Take a look at the buyer's share
  • September purchasing contest Aug 29, 2023
    The procurement competition officially started in September. With a number of company combinations to form an army to complete the game performance and defeat others' opponents, before the start of the group pk friendship game and watched the lion dance start, and finally wish everyone can complete their goals.      
  • September Procurement Festival Friendship pk competition Aug 26, 2023
    From August 28 to September 28, we had a procurement festival competition, so on the 24th, we had a friendship rehearsal and process with our pk opponents. In this alliance, we had a warm-up before the sports musical stool and other games. And everyone has reported the performance tasks in this competition and is full of confidence in this competition, and I wish everyone a good result in this competition
  • Introducing Aug 22, 2023
    Your Source for Exquisite Metal Gifts At [Your Company Name], we take pride in curating a stunning collection of metal gifts that embody elegance, craftsmanship, and the perfect blend of artistry and functionality. Our company is dedicated to providing you with the finest selection of metal gifts that suit a multitude of occasions and celebrations. Our Story Founded with a passion for quality and a vision for exceptional gifting, [Your Company Name] embarked on a journey to redefine the art of giving. Guided by a team of skilled artisans, designers, and metalwork experts, we have consistently strived to offer a diverse range of metal gifts that cater to various tastes and preferences. What Sets Us Apart Uncompromising Quality: Each metal gift in our collection is meticulously crafted using premium materials, ensuring durability, longevity, and a flawless finish that exudes luxury. Artistic Excellence: We collaborate with talented artisans who infuse their creativity and expertise into every piece, resulting in metal gifts that are not only functional but also works of art that will be cherished for years. Versatility: Whether it's a corporate event, a personal milestone, a wedding, or any other occasion, our collection features a wide array of metal gifts suitable for any moment worth celebrating. Customization: We understand that every gift should carry a personal touch. Our customization options allow you to engrave, emboss, or personalize your chosen gift, making it truly one-of-a-kind. Thoughtful Curation: Our dedicated team scours the world for the most unique and innovative metal gift ideas, ensuring that you'll find something extraordinary and unexpected in our selection. Our Collection Elegant Home Decor: From intricately designed metal sculptures to functional yet artistic tableware, our home decor collection adds a touch of sophistication to any living space. Personal Accessories: Our range of metal accessories, including jewelry, cufflinks, and keychains, makes for mean
  • Alibaba's new trade festival in September Aug 08, 2023
    Alibaba's September New Trade Festival is an annual event organized by the Chinese e-commerce giant to help promote its online marketplace to businesses and consumers. The festival, which runs from September 1 to September 31 each year, is a great opportunity for smes to showcase their products and reach a global audience.   The March New Trade Festival is part of Alibaba's larger March Fair campaign, which has been running for more than a decade. This year's festival is particularly important as many businesses have experienced a difficult year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With many brick-and-mortar stores closing or having limited capacity, e-commerce has become more important than ever.   During the holiday season, businesses can take advantage of a wide variety of discounts, promotions and marketing opportunities. There are also webinars, workshops and other events that can help businesses learn more about the latest trends and best practices in e-commerce. In addition to these benefits, businesses can connect with potential buyers and partners from all over the world.   A key feature of the new Goods Festival in March is that businesses can use Alibaba's online platforms to showcase their products. The platform provides a range of tools and features that businesses can use to create attractive product listings and market their offerings effectively. This can include high-quality images, detailed product descriptions, and videos.     To help merchants make the most of the holiday, Alibaba has provided a range of resources and support. For example, there are guides and tutorials explaining how to optimize product listings and take advantage of marketing opportunities. There are also tools and services that can help businesses manage inventory, transportation, and other aspects of operations.   Another important aspect of the March New Business Festival is its focus on cross-border trade. Through Alibaba's platforms, businesses can easily connect with buyers and partners from around the world. This can help them expand their reach and enter new markets they might not otherwise be able to enter. Alibaba's platforms also support international payments and shipping, making it easier for businesses to sell products globally.   Overall, Alibaba's New Trade Festival in March is an important event for businesses looking to grow and expand their business. With various offers and support at the show, businesses can showcase their products, network with potential buyers and partners, and learn more about the latest trends and best practices in e-commerce. For smes in particular, the festival can be a game changer, providing them with access to new markets and customers that may not have been previously accessible. As the world becomes increasingly digital, events like the New Trade Festival in March will only become more important in the coming years.
  • The long history of badges in China - insights into the true meaning Aug 02, 2023
    The badge has a long history in China, according to legend, in the Song Dynasty, a man named Li Fexiong stole a post horse, pretending to be an emissary, and was beheaded by the court. In order to remember this lesson and prevent similar things from happening again, the Song Dynasty Yan stipulated that each emissary was issued with a silver badge with a special mark, which was worn in front of him when he entered the court for identification. The practice of wearing badges was passed down to modern times. In today's society, badges have been widely used in various fields of commerce, industry and charity industry, far beyond the scope of mere symbolic significance, and even out of the most original definition of badges, so some people can not help but ask, from national prestige badges to personal collection badges and so on, in the face of such a variety of badges, What is a badge already? What does badge making really mean? Shenzhen Weixin crafts with many years of badge design and sales experience, the following use of badges, badge production process of the general size and thickness of the emblem, the shape of the emblem, the appearance of the emblem, the packaging of the emblem, the price of the emblem and the production materials of the emblem have made a brief description, so that we can better understand what is the emblem. The use of the badge above a brief introduction to the origin of the badge, to understand the badge, but also know the use of the micro chapter. Commonly used badges are basic national emblem | police emblem | company badge | factory micro school emblem commemorative medal, etc. If you target the market is students, then the fashion class flash badge, glow-in-the-dark badge, printed badges with fashion patterns are more suitable; If you are after high quality badges then we recommend you to make lacquer badges | imitation enamel badges | Cloisonne badges, cloisonne badges are the best quality of badges, but also the most expensive badges. Each good badge has a story of their own, the use is not the same, mainly commemorative role, indicating identity, indicating status, reduction, value preservation and other uses. singleThe type of emblem according to its production process is a common emblem classification way, emblem production process with the most several emblem competition process is paint, imitation Lang, stamping, printing, etc., that is, paint badges | imitation lang badges | stamping badges | printing badges and so on.   Badge production process mainly includes bite plate, paint, punch, enamel, printing, etc. Generally speaking, the badge using bite plate process will add a layer of transparent resin, gorgeous color, there is a slight sense of bump; Silk screen printing badges, cloisonne badges (enamel), imitation enamel badges, can be added to the translucent resin, also known as drip badges; Paint, percussion process, after forming the appearance of the badge has concave and convex effect, but also in the appearance of gold plating, silver, nickel, etc.; If there is a gradual change of color in the pattern, it must be used in flat printing, and a layer of transparent resin can also be added to the above, and there is a slight convex sense. Badge size and thickness The size of the micro badge can be customized according to customer requirements, you can make a variety of different sizes according to your design, and then consider the possibility of realistic manipulation and price can be. But the size of the badge will directly affect the price of the badge, the larger the size, the higher the price. Because the cost of materials is more, the work time is longer, of course, not the smaller the cheaper, the size is too small, the design pattern is relatively complex, it is more difficult to do, and even some designs can not be practically manipulated, like this case the price is relatively high, so when the badge production to consider the size of the problem, to find the right cost performance. General badge size must be based on the use of badges and badge design drawings comprehensive setting, generally worn in the chest of the badge using 20-25mm is more appropriate, badge size is calculated in accordance with the diameter of the longest side, the circular badge for the diameter of the size.
  • The origin and development of badges Jul 27, 2023
    In foreign countries, badges have a long history, the earliest in the form of ethnic badges. Feudal aristocracy territories became increasingly hereditary in order to be accepted and recognized by society. Each noble not only has a clear pedigree, but also has its own family logo a family of micro. Badge real It began after the 11th century. In order to distinguish their enemies, knights would wear certain symbols on their helmets when fighting, such as the English plantagenet, the white rose of York, and the red rose of Lancaster. At that time, the design of the emblem focused on exquisite and exotic, such as lions, unicorns, leopards, etc., which was a typical manifestation of the prominent status of the aristocracy. The above gives a brief history of the origin of badge making, what characteristics do they need to have? 1, the perfect idea, a perfect badge needs a fine layout, including the pattern and content, the distribution of the main decoration, the function of the badge to be achieved, the quality of art and the quality of the process, and the color. In short, ancient and modern art design concept is almost the same, try to do not regret, the only difference is the object, function and theme of some differences. 2, exquisite technology, when it comes to technology, it involves various processes, which occupy the primary position in the metal process should be carving process, mountain in a wide variety of metal materials, different materials will have different carving methods, which shows a higher technical level of design, even the most difficult to perform the character is engraved and fresh properly. In addition, many aspects of casting, electroplating, coloring, inlaying and so on have been done in detail. 3, outstanding function. The ancient badges were mostly used by the major families, divided into practical and furnishings, and some were used. This kind of badges was not only for practical and beautiful appearance, but more importantly, it played a role of deterrence and power. The manufacture of badges in ancient and modern times is faithful to life. The function of modeling, people-oriented, human and service. Speaking of today's badges alone, almost all can be called high-grade
  • March New Trade Festival competition Jul 19, 2023
    We participated in the March New Trade Festival Competition and won the competition with more than 100 enterprises on the 11th floor of Huayi Plaza, Zhongshan, Guangdong Province, displaying more than 10 categories of major products, including metal badges, key chains, MEDALS, challenge coins, dog tags, bottle openers, etc  
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