The origin and development of badges
The origin and development of badges Jul 27, 2023

In foreign countries, badges have a long history, the earliest in the form of ethnic badges. Feudal aristocracy territories became increasingly hereditary in order to be accepted and recognized by society. Each noble not only has a clear pedigree, but also has its own family logo a family of micro. Badge real

It began after the 11th century. In order to distinguish their enemies, knights would wear certain symbols on their helmets when fighting, such as the English plantagenet, the white rose of York, and the red rose of Lancaster. At that time, the design of the emblem focused on exquisite and exotic, such as lions, unicorns, leopards, etc., which was a typical manifestation of the prominent status of the aristocracy.

The above gives a brief history of the origin of badge making, what characteristics do they need to have?

1, the perfect idea, a perfect badge needs a fine layout, including the pattern and content, the distribution of the main decoration, the function of the badge to be achieved, the quality of art and the quality of the process, and the color. In short, ancient and modern art design concept is almost the same, try to do not regret, the only difference is the object, function and theme of some differences.

2, exquisite technology, when it comes to technology, it involves various processes, which occupy the primary position in the metal process should be carving process, mountain in a wide variety of metal materials, different materials will have different carving methods, which shows a higher technical level of design, even the most difficult to perform the character is engraved and fresh properly. In addition, many aspects of casting, electroplating, coloring, inlaying and so on have been done in detail.

3, outstanding function. The ancient badges were mostly used by the major families, divided into practical and furnishings, and some were used. This kind of badges was not only for practical and beautiful appearance, but more importantly, it played a role of deterrence and power. The manufacture of badges in ancient and modern times is faithful to life.

The function of modeling, people-oriented, human and service. Speaking of today's badges alone, almost all can be called high-grade

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