• Our factory announced expansion and relocation to a new factory
    December 14, 2023 Our factory announced expansion and relocation to a new factory
    In the metal crafts industry, exciting news came! We are pleased to announce that the Unique Metal Crafts Factory has decided to expand and relocate to a new facility to meet the growing market demand and increase production capacity. In order to adapt to the increasingly competitive market and changing customer needs, our factory has decided to make a major investment in scale expansion. The new plant will be located in the industrial area of the city where the existing plant is located, and will have a larger footprint and will provide a wider production space and advanced facilities. The goal of this expanded relocation is to achieve several key improvements: 1.Enhancement of production capacity: The new plant will be equipped with the latest production equipment and machinery to improve production efficiency and output. By introducing advanced automated processes and production lines, factories will be able to fulfill orders more quickly and maintain high quality manufacturing standards. 2.Introduction of innovative processes and technologies: In order to stay ahead of the industry, the plant will introduce new innovative processes and technologies. This will strengthen the plant's design capabilities and production flexibility, allowing it to meet the individual needs of customers and offer a more diverse selection of products. 3.Quality Control and Quality Management: The new factory will implement a more stringent quality control and quality management system to ensure that every craft meets high quality requirements. By introducing advanced inspection equipment and processes, the factory will ensure consistency in the appearance, detail and durability of products. 4.Sustainable Development and Environmental protection: Sustainability and environmental protection are important considerations in the design and construction of the new plant. The plant will adopt energy-saving and environmentally friendly technologies and equipment, and implement waste reduction and resource recycling measures to reduce its environmental impact. 5.Design and layout of new plant facilities: The production floor of the new plant is designed to be spacious, flexible and efficient. Reasonable workshop layout can ensure the smooth progress of the production process. For example, relevant production equipment and tools are placed in convenient locations to reduce the movement of employees and the transportation time of materials. In addition, the width of the channels in the workshop and the distance between the equipment are also considered so that employees can freely move and operate the equipment. The warehouse area of the new plant is designed for an efficient material management system. This includes clearly labeling and categorizing different types of raw materials and finished products so that employees can easily find what they need and ensure timely supply. Reasonable storage area planning can also minimize the loss and waste of materials, and improve the accuracy of inventory management. The office space of the new factory is designed to be a comfortable, quiet and functional working environment. The employee's office area shall be provided with sufficient space to accommodate the equipment and document storage required for the work. In addition, with employee comfort and productivity in mind, the office space may include comfortable seating, good lighting and ventilation. The new plant design focuses on optimizing workflow to increase production efficiency and reduce production cycles. By analyzing and optimizing processes, factories can determine the best production processes and take measures to reduce bottlenecks and wait times in production. This may include the adoption of modern production techniques and automation equipment to improve production efficiency and quality. The new plant focuses on providing a better working environment for employees to improve employee satisfaction and productivity. This may include providing good air quality, temperature and humidity control to maintain employee comfort. In addition, the factory may also provide rest areas, fitness facilities and employee welfare facilities for employees to promote the health and well-being of employees. 6.Technological innovations in the new plant: By using computer-aided design (CAD) software and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) technology, designers can create accurate three-dimensional models and translate them directly into digital production instructions. This digital process can effectively reduce human error and production deviation, improve product consistency and accuracy. The introduction of automation equipment and robotics can achieve partial or total production automation. For example, automated robotic arms can perform heavy, repetitive and precise work tasks such as welding, cutting and polishing, thereby improving production efficiency and product quality, and reducing the risk of human error. 3D printing technology could revolutionize the manufacturing of metal crafts. It can create complex metal parts and structures by adding materials layer by layer, avoiding the limitations of traditional machining methods. This technology can speed up product development cycles, reduce material waste, and provide greater design freedom. The use of iot and sensor technology in factories enables real-time monitoring and data collection. By deploying sensors in production equipment, key parameters such as temperature, humidity, pressure, etc. can be monitored and the data transmitted to a central control system for analysis and optimization. This allows for refined production control, improved product quality, and early detection of potential problems. 7.The relationship between factories and future trends: Emerging market: Emerging industries: The factory will also pay attention to the demand for metal crafts in emerging industries. For example, the development of the renewable energy industry may lead to increased demand for metal components and equipment. Factories can adapt their product portfolio to these trends and develop industry-specific solutions. Technological innovation: Automation and digitalization: Factories pay close attention to innovation in automation and digitalization technologies. Automated production lines and robotics can improve production efficiency and product quality. Digital design and manufacturing technologies can accelerate product development and customization capabilities. Factories can invest in these technologies and work with technology suppliers and partners to enable the application and diffusion of technological innovations. 3D printing and Additive Manufacturing: The factory will look at the potential impact of 3D printing and additive manufacturing technologies on the manufacturing of metal crafts. These technologies can provide greater design freedom and rapid prototyping capabilities. Factories can explore the application areas of these technologies and evaluate their feasibility and benefits in production. Consumer demand: Sustainability: Factories will pay attention to the increased consumer demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly products. Factories can look for ways to use environmentally friendly materials and green manufacturing processes to meet this trend. In addition, factories can promote product recovery and recycling programs to reduce resource waste and environmental impact. Personalization and customization: Consumer demand for personalized and customized products is growing. Factories can meet these needs by offering customization options, flexible design and production capabilities. This may involve working more closely with designers and customers to develop unique metal crafts. In strategic planning to address these trends, factories may: Conduct market research and analysis to understand the characteristics and opportunities of emerging markets and consumer demand. Invest in technology R&D and innovation and work with partners on projects. Optimize supply chain management and production processes to improve productivity and responsiveness. Enhance brand image and marketing to attract target consumers and expand market share. Develop and attract people with relevant skills and knowledge to support the achievement of strategic objectives. The plant management team is confident about this expanded relocation and is looking forward to future development. They believe that the investment in the new plant will further consolidate the factory's leading position in the metal crafts market and provide customers with better quality products and services. This expanded relocation will bring more jobs and contribute positively to the local economy. The factory will continue to work closely with suppliers, partners and customers to maintain good cooperative relations and jointly promote the development of the industry.
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  • Shipping the lapel pins to our customer
    December 30, 2022 Shipping the lapel pins to our customer
          Now the lapel pins had finished. Our colleagues of BD factory will ask the UPS/FedEx express to carry the goods.        With the happiness of all workers, the goods are shipped. We are looking forward to your inqiury, We will give you the clearly process of production.
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  • The machines coming to BD factory
    September 18, 2022 The machines coming to BD factory
    Many advanced production facilities are arriving in Bangladesh factories. At present, we have opened the stamping production line, polishing production line and color production line. Our daily processing quantity is 30 orders.
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  • Great News, Finished The First Order From The BD Factory
    September 29, 2022 Great News, Finished The First Order From The BD Factory
    Exciting news.  With the all workers of BD factory. We had finished the first orders. It represents the BD factory has the ability to handle orders. If you want to get the competitive price, and get the more profits. You can contact to us, we will help you, and Win-Win.
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  • The process of custom lapel pins in BD factory
    November 18, 2022 The process of custom lapel pins in BD factory
          A small badge is both a souvenir and a craft, which is not simple to customize. Many purchasers don't understand what process to use after they get the budget, and they run around with the budget, which is extremely low efficiency. Actually, this thing is not complicated. Today, let's look at the process of making a badge.      Today we will show the process of custom lapel pins. First, we will draw the artwork based on the toughts or designs from customer. Please check the artwork of we made. Please remember: It's free for you. 
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  • Mold engraving
    November 19, 2022 Mold engraving
             When you confirm the artwork form us. We will arrange to engrave the mold. The mold be made by the steel. After finishing the mold, we need to heat treat the mold. Due to when we stamp the design, it’s not easy to change the shape. Now the mold is ok.         Please note, if you want to know the process of yours, you can send “I need the process of my order” to our sales. You can get your owns.
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  • Bangladesh branch was established
    August 26, 2022 Bangladesh branch was established
    Our new factory -- Bangladesh Factory has started! A grand groundbreaking ceremony was held on July 6, 2022. Zhongshan Unique Metal Gift CO.,LIMITED is one of the leading manufacturing company dealing with high quality standard gifts and souvenirs.Products like custom medals,lapelpins,badges,keychains,etc. We have been in the markets for over 15 years,we have our own factory of over 3000 sqm and close to100 workers.We are capable of producing about100-10000 pcs of products per week.We can provide you with free artwork and design.We have been audited by NBC Universal and Disney,and also achieve ISO satandard of ISO9001 and ISO14001.
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  • The lapel pins in the plating
    December 21, 2022 The lapel pins in the plating
    When the lapelpins are stamped, then we will plate them, This order is gold plating. You can check the pins in gold plating. Next step will color them. We will show you them when finishing the color.
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  • The products made by our company
    June 06, 2022 The products made by our company
    Our company can produce the coins, lapel pins, medals and other metal crafts.
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  • Packing the goods from BD factory
    December 29, 2022 Packing the goods from BD factory
          With the efforts of all our workers of BD factory. The lapelpins had finished, and in packing them. When the goods finished, we will have the QC check the quality. Only all pins are ok, we can ship them.      Now all goods had been packed, we will arrange to ship them.
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  • Congratulations on your new beginning
    February 14, 2023 Congratulations on your new beginning
    Good-luck of beginning,let's get start.
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