The long history of badges in China - insights into the true meaning
The long history of badges in China - insights into the true meaning Aug 02, 2023

The badge has a long history in China, according to legend, in the Song Dynasty, a man named Li Fexiong stole a post horse, pretending to be an emissary, and was beheaded by the court. In order to remember this lesson and prevent similar things from happening again, the Song Dynasty Yan stipulated that each emissary was issued with a silver badge with a special mark, which was worn in front of him when he entered the court for identification. The practice of wearing badges was passed down to modern times. In today's society, badges have been widely used in various fields of commerce, industry and charity industry, far beyond the scope of mere symbolic significance, and even out of the most original definition of badges, so some people can not help but ask, from national prestige badges to personal collection badges and so on, in the face of such a variety of badges, What is a badge already? What does badge making really mean?

Shenzhen Weixin crafts with many years of badge design and sales experience, the following use of badges, badge production process of the general size and thickness of the emblem, the shape of the emblem, the appearance of the emblem, the packaging of the emblem, the price of the emblem and the production materials of the emblem have made a brief description, so that we can better understand what is the emblem.

The use of the badge above a brief introduction to the origin of the badge, to understand the badge, but also know the use of the micro chapter. Commonly used badges are basic national emblem | police emblem | company badge | factory micro school emblem commemorative medal, etc. If you target the market is students, then the fashion class flash badge, glow-in-the-dark badge, printed badges with fashion patterns are more suitable; If you are after high quality badges then we recommend you to make lacquer badges | imitation enamel badges | Cloisonne badges, cloisonne badges are the best quality of badges, but also the most expensive badges. Each good badge has a story of their own, the use is not the same, mainly commemorative role, indicating identity, indicating status, reduction, value preservation and other uses. singleThe type of emblem according to its production process is a common emblem classification way, emblem production process with the most several emblem competition process is paint, imitation Lang, stamping, printing, etc., that is, paint badges | imitation lang badges | stamping badges | printing badges and so on.


Badge production process mainly includes bite plate, paint, punch, enamel, printing, etc. Generally speaking, the badge using bite plate process will add a layer of transparent resin, gorgeous color, there is a slight sense of bump; Silk screen printing badges, cloisonne badges (enamel), imitation enamel badges, can be added to the translucent resin, also known as drip badges; Paint, percussion process, after forming the appearance of the badge has concave and convex effect, but also in the appearance of gold plating, silver, nickel, etc.; If there is a gradual change of color in the pattern, it must be used in flat printing, and a layer of transparent resin can also be added to the above, and there is a slight convex sense. Badge size and thickness The size of the micro badge can be customized according to customer requirements, you can make a variety of different sizes according to your design, and then consider the possibility of realistic manipulation and price can be. But the size of the badge will directly affect the price of the badge, the larger the size, the higher the price. Because the cost of materials is more, the work time is longer, of course, not the smaller the cheaper, the size is too small, the design pattern is relatively complex, it is more difficult to do, and even some designs can not be practically manipulated, like this case the price is relatively high, so when the badge production to consider the size of the problem, to find the right cost performance. General badge size must be based on the use of badges and badge design drawings comprehensive setting, generally worn in the chest of the badge using 20-25mm is more appropriate, badge size is calculated in accordance with the diameter of the longest side, the circular badge for the diameter of the size.

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