Final scare! Jokić fell, twisted his ankle, tied his
Final scare! Jokić fell, twisted his ankle, tied his Jun 10, 2023

The heat were trailing 2-1 at home to the Nuggets in the NBA Finals G4, which would have sent them to Mount Tennōzan for a win that would have given the Nuggets a 3-1 game point. Before the match, Mars came to watch the match and hugged his good friend Butler.

The first quarter of the two sides came up against very intense, very strong defense. Nuggets' baud continued to shoot erratically, making an embarrassing 0-for-4 when he was substituted. Fortunately, Mouret had a good hand, giving the Nuggets a 12-7 lead. The heat tried three-pointers in a row early on, with mediocre results, until love hit them from the outside. Jokić had a terrible moment. He twisted his ankle and almost hurt it. He kept fighting.

It was midway through the first quarter, and Kitch missed a jumper. He sprained his ankle trying to rebound, and even then Kitch grabbed the rebound and gave it to his teammates. In slow motion, Jokić twisted his right ankle, then tightened his shoelaces and continued to play with minor injuries.

Kitch is not only strong, but rarely gets injured. With a sprained ankle like this, other players may be injured or sent off for a checkup, but Kitch is in excellent physical condition and will continue to play after a minor personal adjustment.

Kitch was the key to the Nuggets' victory and Championship Point, and Kitch became the first player in history to score 30 + 20 + 10 points in the finals, scoring 100 points in his first three finals games, if the G4 scores more than 29 points today, it will surpass Wedde and Alphabet's career first four finals points. Also hope that the next Joaquin can be no major, do not affect the trend of the series, his health is also the Nuggets history of the first NBA championship trophy key.

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